Caitlin Butler is currently a student at the University of  South Carolina Aiken, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English with a  minor in Creative Writing. She is copy-editor for the Pacer Times, USCA’s  award-winning student newspaper, and a writing tutor for the University’s  Academic Success Center. She has recently completed a year of independent  research and presented her findings at the annual meeting of the Philological  Association of the Carolinas.

After successfully completing an internship with the company  during her junior year, Caitlin was invited to return as an employee in the  summer of 2015. Her transition from intern to writer was effortless, and her  work continues to reflect her worth as a member of the team.

As a writer with Matson Consulting, Caitlin is responsible  for creating content for various documents including feasibility studies,  business plans, marketing plans, and grant applications. She also assists with  editing documents, changing her coworkers’ punctuation, and conducting industry  research.

Recently, she also co-authored an article in the USDA’s Rural Cooperatives magazine January/February issue, titled “New Poultry Processing Plant Bolsters Virginia’s Small-Scale Producers.”