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Feasibility Analysis & Business Planning

Determining the feasibility of your project is a vital step for any venture, especially when seeking funding such as grants or loans. We create high quality feasibility studies that are individually crafted for your project, whether if it is a new dairy or if it is a region-wide food hub network.   We also assist with business planning, both for established and new ventures, in order to help you understand the operations and potential of your business. We work with you to review your project ideas and goals in order to ensure the success of your future ventures, whatever they may be. Click on of the following links to learn more: Feasibility Studies, Business Plans.

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Grant Facilitation

Finding and applying for the right funding sources for your business or organization can be a stressful task. We can help alleviate some of the difficulties by helping you through the entire application process, start to finish.  We specialize in many USDA federal grant programs including those focused on value-added projects, local foods and marketing ventures, and rural development endeavors.  To learn more about how we assist with grants, click here.

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Regional Development

We not only strive to help individual farms and small communities succeed through their ventures, but we also work so that entire regions flourish agriculturally. We have forged partnerships with various organizations who all want to see the success of regional development, and we are committed to several projects and organizations to see the agricultural prosperity of regions all across the nation. To learn more about how we implement the success of regional development, click here.





Our mission at Matson Consulting is to offer business expertise that enables rural businesses to succeed in their ventures.