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Conducting a feasibility study, a detailed and objective analysis of the viability of a proposed venture, is a critical component of starting a business. These documents provide insight into the positive and negative aspects of an idea, allowing you to determine what will work, what needs to be fixed, and what resources you will need to bring your idea to life. Since they are typically conducted by a third party consultant, feasibility studies can provide you with a fresh perspective on your potential or ongoing operations.Rural Barn

Matson Consulting’s high quality, specially crafted feasibility studies will provide you with the best possible assessment of your business venture’s viability. Our team of experts combines real world experience and proven methods to review project ideas, determine necessary elements for success, present project risks, and evaluate the overall feasibility of the venture. Our goal is to provide an informed independent assessment of the projects’ chances to survive in a variety of real-life operating situations.

You are the foremost expert of your business, so we will collaborate with you to ensure the study is the most accurate reflection of your business. In the past and present, our feasibility studies have helped many clients make critical decisions about their business ideas and have helped them secure investor funding and bank financing, and federal loans and grants.

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