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Search below to find recent news articles on the work done by Jim Matson and Matson Consulting on a variety of topics.

United Ministries leaders attend fundraising workshop. July 22, 2019

View “United Ministries leaders attend fundraising workshop.” This article comes from the July 22 issue of Lakelands Connector newspaper. In the article, Jim Matson presented a grants and fundraising workshop that was sponsored by SCORE and focused on helping non-profits implement fundraising campaigns. Matson detailed various aspects of fundraising campaigns and emphasized the importance of preparation and data management to their success.

Why do local food businesses fail? October 16, 2017

View “Why do local food businesses fail?” Jim Matson is featured in this article that discusses his work in the USDA Service Report “Running a Food Hub” series. The article features the nine areas that can cause a food hub to fail. These issues were discussed in his presentation at Ohio State University on October 25, 2017.

Navigating the Federal Grant Maze Takes Time, Reflection. January 22, 2016

 View “Navigating the Federal Grant Maze Takes Time, Reflection”  This article comes from the 2016 meeting of the American Farm Bureau Federation. Jim Matson and others responded to the issue deciding whether or not applying for a grant is the right business choice. The multitude of available federal grants and their requirements can be difficult to wade through for many. Before applying for and spending time completing grants, it is important to thoroughly weigh the pros and cons, and take into account the required effort. 

County Ag Development Boards Can Address Local Issues. December 31, 2015

 View “County Ag Development Boards Can Address Local Issues”  This short article comes from the December Virginia Farm Bureau Federation Convention. The state’s efforts to promote county level agricultural development boards have been supported by Matson Consulting. Jim Matson described the creation and implementation of such boards as a “multi-year project,” which involves establishing a forum for individuals, companies, and local government to come together to make meaningful advances in agricultural policy and development.

Alumnus Brings Solutions Local and Global, Old and New, to Farmers both Big and Small. February 10, 2012

 View “Alumnus Brings Solutions Local and Global, Old and New, to Farmers both Big and Small”  This article from NC State University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences looks at Jim Matson, an alumni from the school, and the work he has done alongside NC State to help agricultural development in the state and beyond. His interest in agriculture began with the 4-H program as a youth, and has led him to help more than 250 businesses across 19 countries. 

Two Grants May Help Some Farmers Upgrade. December 18, 2008

 View “Two Grants May Help Some Farmers Upgrade”  This article comes from the December 18 issue of The Recorder newspaper. As farmers look to expand their facilities, grant funds can be a useful tool. In the article, Jim Matson and USDA officials discuss how the VAPG and REAP grants can be used by farmers, as well as take a look at important aspects of grant applications they feel applicants should pay special attention to.

VA Farm Bureau Archived Articles. March 27 and May 8, 2003

 View “VA Farm Bureau Articles”  These short articles from 2003 look at how important it is for farmers to differentiate themselves from the pack and be able to present their business plans and ideas in unique and insightful ways. Presenting a detailed story of how you see your business in the future  and understanding the environment in which your business is existing are key to successful grant applications, loan applications, and achieving stable customer base.