We consider our biggest work product to be the help we provide to turn your business idea into a reality. This effort is evident in our high quality publications.

We work with a multitude of industries and we are recognized as experts. Over the years, our main focus has been the creation of feasibility studies and business plans for agricultural, value-added, and bioenergy ventures as these were the industries in which Matson Consulting first started. As the business has grown and gained more experts, we have extended our reach to include other rural businesses and industries.

We are continually creating a wide range of documents. Some are client-specific while others are created out of our interest in industry issues. We have made available some of these documents to foster information sharing with our peers and to maintain our passion for being a knowledgeable resource. Our projects and publications, as well as some of our presentations, have been recognized in other research by our peers and has been cited on many occasions.

Due to the proprietary information presented in some of our feasibility studies, business plans, and marketing plans, many of our completed documents are not available in the public domain. With the permission of our client, we have provided examples of some of these documents.

Along with the items provided here, we also share industry related research and articles through our social media pages.

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Our work at Matson Consulting expands outside the documents created for our clients. We strive to maintain a presence within the industry and one way we are able to accomplish this is through our publications. Our articles have been published in different industry journals and magazines and have also been cited in other works by our peers. Our publications list will continue to grow as more become available to the public.View Publications

Case Studies

Through our work with different projects, Matson Consulting has the opportunity to collaborate with different businesses, each with their own unique story. We have created case studies in which we highlight a few of the ventures we have worked with in the past and how we assisted them, as well as any points of interest.View Case Studies

Presentations and Conferences

Our work has been presented and accepted at numerous conferences and we continue to be a frequent presenter. We have been received at many prestigious conferences including the Annual National Value-Added Agriculture Conference, the National Good Food Network Food Hub Collaboration Conference, and the International Conference on Food Studies. These and other conferences are located all over the nation and world. Our most recent presentations include conferences in Finland, Texas, Baltimore, and Raleigh.View Presentations and Conferences