Regional Development

Matson not only focuses on the development of individual farmers and small-scale communities but also on the expansive regions that encompass all of these entities. Regional development is an important goal at Matson, as we concern ourselves with how agricultural practices are affecting the nation at a macro-level and how we can assist with these practices positively.

The projects involved with regional development often involve several businesses and organizations, and through these projects, Matson is sure to create a network of lasting partnerships where everyone’s need is considered while striving to achieve a common goal: the success of agriculture in a specific area or region.

Matson is dedicated through several projects and organizations to see the growth and success of regions across the nation agriculturally; these are further elaborated below.


  • Midlands Local Food Collaboration—A team of organizations that promotes a flourishing local food system in the Midlands of South Carolina. Matson is currently a proud voting member. To learn more about this organization, click here. 
  • Illinois Farm Bureau—An organization that works to maintain a stable economy, a healthy environment, the development of their IFB policy regarding agriculture, and the building of partnerships. Based in Illinois, Matson has worked with this organization to present on agricultural topics at several conferences. To learn more about this organization and what they do, visit their site by clicking here.
  • National Scale Food Hub Publication—Matson has published these informative documents in order to explicate the ins and outs of food hubs and how they are a benefit to communities, regions, and society. To read these documents, click here.
  • New River Valley Agriculture Development Strategic Plan—A document written by Matson that outlines agricultural plans and development collectively for three counties in Virginia (Giles, Pulsaki, and Montgomery). To view this plan, click here. 


Matson is also well-known for its assistance with community development. To learn more, click here.