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Dairy and creamery operations are familiar ground for Matson Consulting. We have worked with numerous clients in order to help them grow their creamery or dairy operations, and we have even helped expand existing dairy farms into the value-added creamery industry.

Dairy farming is an important industry in the country, and Matson Consulting is dedicated to helping small farmers succeed in making their businesses flourish. Through research and firsthand experience in dealing with dairies and creameries, we have gained insight into how to best assist in their development. Matson Consulting has completed multiple feasibility studies, business plans, and grant applications for a number of dairy farms and creamery operations.

An example of the dedication that Matson Consulting has to the dairy industry can be seen in our published case study, “Van Der Hyde Dairy, Inc. (Anaerobic Digester).” Matson worked with Van Der Hyde Dairy on a feasibility study, as well as additional grant assistance, in order to help them upgrade their facility’s infrastructure.