Document creations, planning sessions, and other services provided by Matson Consulting are high quality and competitively priced. Each and every project is unique, so pricing for services are determined on a per project basis. Some factors can influence pricing levels:

  • time required to complete the agreed upon level of work
  • your desired timeline for project completion
  • level of project complexity and accompanying staff required
  • the level and quality of information made available to the consultants during the project time period
  • additional documents, information, or major research required outside the scope of agreed upon services

The hours required for each project can vary depending on the level of work required. The following is a general timeline guide:

Business Plan 150 work hours
Feasibility Study 500 work hours
Marketing Plan variable
Grant Application 10-100 work hours (dependent on program)

Many projects have a cost minimum, but Junior Staff time is billed at $60/ hour; Managerial Staff time is $75/ hour; and Senior Staff time is $175/ hour.

Grant programs are available to help farmers and producers fund planning activities, including the creation of business plans, feasibility studies, and marketing plans. For more information on these programs, visit our grants page.

We look forward to working with you and your business and we are open to discussing a pricing structure that works best for your needs. Call us today at (803) 233-7134.