WPhilosophye take a different approach to our work; instead of working with you as a distant consultant, we form a lasting partnership that extends beyond a single project. Our goal is to provide valuable expertise as a knowledgeable resource that assists you every step of the way.

We feel it is important for you to feel at ease. It is our goal to get the best sense we can of your goals, passions, and concerns. We will go beyond fulfilling a basic requirement and help you find a personalized plan to reach your goals.

We provide valuable, independent, and objective feedback and guidance at all stages of our work. We work with you to identify the correct questions to ask, and help ensure the right answers are being sought. We find that through this process, our clients often undergo a subtle shift in outlook while working with us. We help facilitate this change by asking questions that lead ideas to conform to the reality of turning a vision into a successful enterprise.

DoorOpensOur clients are more than just facts and figures, and we understand that livelihoods are at stake, not just yours as the owners, but also those you employ. With this in mind, we work with you to provide alternatives to negative responses; the motto we keep in mind is “when one door closes, another opens.”

Here at Matson Consulting, we also understand that larger projects often involve cooperation between more than one entity. With projects that bring in multiple groups and individuals, it is hard at times to ensure all parties’ needs are met and that each voice is heard. One of our firm’s strengths is the ability to coordinate group efforts and facilitate cooperation. Whether bringing together county governments with agriculture groups, or small scale producers with distributors, we understand the dynamics of cooperative projects. We are able to utilize our expansive network of experts and technical partners in a number of fields to provide further collaboration and partnerships for the group.

You are the expert on your business and your knowledge combined with our experience and background, allows us to present your information in a way that provides insight for potential investors, grant proposals, and loan applications.