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While interest in local foods has gained momentum in recent years, Matson Consulting has been working to explore and expand the industry, including local food systems (such as food hubs) and urban agriculture.

Matson Consulting maintains an interest in local foods and helping rural businesses looking to break into the local foods industry. One constant throughout all of our projects is our focus and understanding of locals foods. We consider ourselves the experts when it comes to the procurement and logistics of local foods and we have a passion for helping rural businesses succeed within that industry. Through our feasibility studies, business plans, and strategic planning, we have been able to help local food organizations form and prosper. Planning for food systems takes meticulous work and research, and Matson takes careful steps in order for clients to succeed. Typically, the process of working with a client to form a plan of action for their proposed food system consists of the following steps:

  • Step I: Initial Meeting and Participant Input- Matson will meet with the client to understand their needs, clarify expected outcomes, and gather background information regarding the project.
  • Step II: Data Assimilation and Design Revision- This stage is meant to change the emphasis of the project in order to maximize the effectiveness of the project because of the addition of new information.
  • Step III: Document Preparation- Matson will address the objectives of the client by completing activities and research regarding the client’s project.
  • Step IV: Progress Report Meetings with The Client- Matson will again meet with the client to present and discuss the results of planning while giving the client the opportunity to have input regarding the results.
  • Step V: Final Written Report and Presentation- A final report will be presented to the client displaying the key objectives and findings of the project.

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Matson Consulting is also able to assist businesses looking to explore the local foods market by helping secure local food grants. The USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service has multiple grant programs available for these businesses, including the Farmers’ Market Promotion Program and the Local Food Promotion Program. Visit our In the News page to read an article on agricultural development boards and how Jim Matson sees their role in local food growth.

The USDA has created a National Farmers Market Directory that includes a searchable list of the nation’s farmers markets by location, goods available, and more. To find farmers markets near you, visit here.

Matson is a leading writer on local food marketing for USDA Rural Development, and our passion for this industry is evident in the many articles and reports we have published on local foods and food hubs. Through these publications, we have been able to further explore local food marketing as well as gain a better understanding of the industry across many regions. Matson Consulting has also presented industry research and commentary at many local food conferences including the NGFN Food Hub Collaboration Spring 2014 Conference and the Third International Conference on Food Studies. Follow the link below to see a full list of our local foods and food hub publications.

Local Foods and Food Hub Publications