Strategic Planning  Field  Jim Dixie Belle Meeting

Strategic Planning is a helpful process that can help you set realistic goals for your business and determine what it will take to achieve those goals. Whether you are an individual, business, producer group, association, or even a government agency, strategic planning can benefit you.

Successful strategic planning often leads to the creation of a feasibility studybusiness plan, or marketing plan, but we have also produced agricultural and local food development plans, often in partnership with county and regional governments.
Documents resulting from strategic planning often include:

  • Priorities
  • Budgets
  • Strategies
  • Management
  • Timeline
  • Analysis
  • Recommendations

Through our collaborative strategic planning, you can find solutions, information, and recommendations for your business. No one knows your business like you, so we will partner with you to provide valuable independent and objective feedback and guidance at key stages of the process.

Strategic planning questions often focus on three areas: quality of current services, core competencies, and implementation of expansion plans.

We format strategic planning events around the DECIDE model:

  • DEFINE the problem to be resolved
  • EXPLORE alternative factors
  • COLLECT relevant information
  • IDENTIFY the chosen solution
  • DO the plan
  • EVALUATE the results

This process typically involves an initial survey, a strategic planning workshop, and then a presentation outlining recommendations to the board or other decision-makers.

One goal of strategic planning workshops is to offer an opportunity for general group discussion, giving all participants equal opportunity to present their ideas.

Another helpful tool is the SWOT analysis, which enables members of the group to self-evaluate their perception of the organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

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