Aquaculture, which is known as the farming of fish or other aquatic organisms, is a swiftly growing industry in the United States. Matson Consulting is at the forefront, working with farmers and small companies to help them explore the expanding industry.

We have a passion for helping small and beginning agribusinesses grow, and the aquaculture industry is a prime opportunity to implement that passion. We have conducted in-depth research to understand the intricacies of this market and its inner workings to provide guidance for those who are interested in breaking into the industry. Matson Consulting has used this knowledge for the creation of documents such as business plans and feasibility studies for the businesses in the aquaculture industry.

We have used the knowledge we have gained through research and project development to further explore how aquaculture is continuing to play a role in the agricultural industry. Our article, entitled “Aquaculture providing opportunities for Virginia farmers to diversify,” explains the rise in the Virginia aquaculture industry and the advantages it can bring to those interested in this growing field.

For more on information on Aquaculture, you can visit the USDA’s website by clicking here.