The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is dedicated to providing information on agricultural policy and issues, as well as resources for rural development. Our ongoing partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture has allowed us to expand our expertise and strengthen our impact within the industry. We have collaborated with USDA personnel on many projects to help our clients succeed.

From our work with the USDA, we have been able to create a multitude of articles and reports to further our dissemination of information. Specifically, we have partnered with the Rural Development branch of the department to create a technical report series on food hubs.

USDA Rural Dev

The USDA Rural Development Agency is focused on offering assistance and services to improve the economic well-being of rural America. They offer numerous programs, grants, loans, and other services to agricultural and rural areas. Matson Consulting works to connect producers with the programs offered by the Rural Development Agency. The Rural Cooperative Development Grant (RCDG) is one that Matson has particular experience with assisting co-ops and other organizations in receiving. For more information on the services and programs offered, visit the USDA site and the USDA Rural Development’s website.