The partnership of Matson Consulting and the Virginia Foundation for Agriculture, Innovation and Rural Sustainability (VA FAIRS) has resulted in numerous client projects, multiple grant and business development workshops, several million dollars in grant work, and several co-authored publications and industry studies.

VAFAIRS Logo“Matson Consulting has provided business plans, marketing plans, feasibility studies, grant proposals/applications, as well as produced workshops on various topics in conjunction with VA FAIRS.” says Executive Director Chris Cook. “They are the best I have found out there; they are extremely objective, and not afraid to dispense advice that clients need to hear.”

In working directly with FAIRS, Matson Consulting has provided strategic planning expertise and advice, as well as work on the design and implementation of a website. We have assisted FAIRS through several rounds of grant applications and the administration of awarded grants. To learn more, visit the Virginia FAIRS website.