This article in the January/February 2016 issue of the USDA Rural Cooperatives Magazine discusses the work of Matson Consulting and VA FAIRS in helping Shenandoah Processing become a vital part of the Virginia poultry industry. Shenandoah Processing began in 2013 as an organic chicken processing plant designed to help smaller scale producers more easily get their product into the market. The founder, Corwin Heatwole, received assistance through the USDA’s Value-Added Producer Grant, and has used this help to turn his business into an economic benefit for the Harrisonburg and Shenandoah Valley Region. Shenandoah Processing currently aggregates and processes birds from 30 different farms across Virginia and West Virginia. The facility is credited with creating over 200 jobs since its foundation, and with giving a much needed boost to the organic and local foods producers of the area. Click here to read the article.