As the farming industry adjusts to changing demands, Matson Consulting is ready to assist farms and agricultural businesses who are looking to expand. We have experience in many aspects of expansion, from diversifying commodities produced, to implementing value-added processes, to modifying operations to include sustainable practices. Our knowledge has been developed through extensive research and helping clients make informed decisions with feasibility studies, grant applications, and business/marketing plans.

Farm expansion can encompass a wide variety of activities. As farmers continue to shift their commodity production away from tobacco to other crops, for example, Matson Consulting is prepared to conduct research and compose studies to ensure that farmers make educated, profitable decisions on the commodities to pursue. We have also acquired millions of grant funds for farmers through our grant application services.

Some of the USDA grant programs that we specialize in are as follows:

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An example of our commitment to farmland expansion can be seen in our case study on Narmada Winery, in which we summarize our process for assisting the family owned winery expand their business operations. After receiving a USDA VAPG Planning grant, Matson Consulting stepped in to assist by conducting several strategic planning sessions, composing a feasibility study, and helping them acquire a VAPG Working Capital Grant.